This is ULI Geoforum

– the Association for Geographic Information in Sweden

ULI Geoforum is an independent, national association for geographic information and GIS in Sweden, representing some 200 government agencies, municipalities, private companies, universities and other educational institutions as well as other organisations at all levels. ULI was formed in 1986 and changed its name to ULI Geoforum 2010.

ULI Geoforum aims to encourage Sweden to make use of the potential in the field and to achieve more efficient services in society through the use of geographic information and GIS (Geographic Information Science).

ULI Geoforum thus works to provide increased knowledge about GIS and to improve the dialogue in this field between users, producers and decision makers. To that end we organise conferences, seminars, and workshops. ULI Geoforum is also involved in research and education issues and has been monitoring the use of geographic information and GIS in Sweden for the past few decades.

Our Vision and Strategic Tasks

The ULI Geoforum vision:

"ULI Geoforum shall be the leading forum for GI users and producers of geographic information and GIS in Sweden.”

The vision aims at underlining that the main ambition of ULI Geoforum is to provide a forum to facilitate communication, exchange experiences and improve knowledge within the field as well as achieving business development through the use of geographic information and geographic IT.

Strategic tasks:

ULI Geoforum will...

  • encourage dialogue, provide knowledge and facilitate exchange of information
  • demonstrate the usefulness of geographic information and GIS for all kinds of users and decision makers
  • stimulate research and development as well as education in the field
  • keep the interests of its members in the forefront


ULI Geoforum organise seminars and conferences focused on GIS in certain fields or on current GIS topics. Annually we organise the GEOINFO conference – the important meeting place for GIS users and producers – in the autumn. GEOINFO offers state of the art presentations, workshops, exhibitions and debates.

An important part of ULI Geoforum´s work is to disseminate news, good examples and other information about GIS and geodata issues through the website and the digital newsletter (issued 1-2 times a month).

Since the beginning of the 1990s ULI Geoforum has carried out surveys on the use of GIS in Sweden, called Lägesbild GI Sverige.

ULI Geoforum has close contacts with other important actors in the GI field in Sweden, such as Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority), Geodatarådet (the Geodata Advisory Board), Kartografiska Sällskapet (the Swedish Cartographic Society), regional GIS associations and others. We are also a part in the Nordic network for geographic information, GI Norden.


Send an e-mail

Lennart Sjögren, Acting Head of Office
Phone: +46 70 695 3168

Lisa Samuelsson, General Manager
Phone: +46 73 507 3162

Linda Mellgren, Meetings and Office administrator
Phone: +46 72 733 6613

Address: ULI Service AB/ULI Geoforum, c/o Kolonien, Telefonvägen 30 Floor 11, 126 26 Hägersten, Sweden

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